Programs & Services

Youth at Risk

White Buffalo Road Healing Lodge Inc. provides Indigenous traditional Youth at Risk programming that benefits Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Youth, specializing in spiritual health and mental health teachings programs in:

  • Aboriginal traditional teachings (Medicine Wheel & Seven Grandfathers).
  • Aboriginal spiritual, health and mental health.
  • Aboriginal medicines, history and purpose.
  • Aboriginal traditional ceremonies and drumming.
  • Aboriginal youth teachings, respecting Earth, Water, Air and Fire.
  • Aboriginal arts and crafts.
  • Aboriginal hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering.
  • Aboriginal youth counselling and healing.
  • Aboriginal healthy eating, healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Aboriginal youth counselling, avoiding alcohol & drugs.
  • Aboriginal youth life skills teachings.
  • Aboriginal youth stay in school and career planning.
  • Aboriginal youth employment & training initiatives.
  • Aboriginal youth entrepreneurial economic development initiatives.

White Buffalo Road Healing Lodge Inc. also delivers Youth at Risk off-site programming and we work with Wendigo Lake, Expeditions in South River, Ontario and the Sudbury, Ontario Catholic District School Board.

We welcome all inquiries about our on and off-site Youth at Risk programs and services.  For more information please contact us.

P.O. BOX 165
Nobel Ontario. POG 1G0
[email protected]